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Want to write a prisoner? If you are looking for a prison pen pal, you have come to the right place! We believe everyone needs a friend and deserves a second chance. So look through our  members profiles to find the perfect prison pen pal for you.

Our mission in creating our prison pen pal service was to provide a way for the millions of people incarcerated to meet new people. We do understand the importance and value of having healthy, positive relationships no matter your circumstances... Especially for those in prison and doing time alone is a terrible thing. As many prisoners have limited contact with their families or nobody at all. We also believe that having support and encouragement while in prison is essential to their transition back into society and reducing recidivism. And no one can deny that there needs to be change when it comes to the prison system. So it is for these reasons that this website was born. Reach out to a  PF member today, write a prisoner and become a part of the solution.

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The PF Journals blog platform was created for the sole purpose of allowing our prison pen pal members to share their point of view with the world. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity for positive expression... to have their voice heard, especially those in prison. This is their platform to do so. We hope that you enjoy reading them

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In one way or another, they all work to make the world a better place.

Domino Deeds

Art changes lives in big and little ways, Domino Deeds is a way to help spread that change, through the pay it forward initiative.


If you want to read more about Jim Fussel or contact him, you can do it here

Or visit Domino Deeds website


 MYLIFEMATTERSTOO is an incentive which comes out of the aspirations of Quentin Jones #302373. MI who is an incarcerated individual in the Michigan Department of Corrections. He was sentenced at nineteen to life without the possibility of parole and has already served over two decades in the American prison system. In 2018, he joined up with Marianne Teresa Ruud who is a high school English teacher in Norway to develop and establish MLMT. This will soon be an organization. Ms. Ruud and her high school students have been working on collaborative school projects with those on the inside since the beginning of 2014. Coupling the reality of providing a platform through MLMT to give a voice to the women and men incarcerated in the American psison system while teaching and educating young minds through the process, is a special and innovative approach which MLMT hopes will develop and mature.

Artwork of Quentin Jones and Marianne T. Ruud (1)