Testimonials - What Prisoners Are Saying About Us

Testimonials about our prison pen pal program

Read what prisoners are saying about us and the impact of being a pen pal can have on people locked up and how it can change their life. Engaging in correspondence with a prison penpal is a great way to connect with people and foster a positive relationship with an inmate who needs your support. Enjoy reading our inmate testimonials and hopefully they will inspire you to become a pen pal today!

If you have a testimony, please send it to our email: prisonfriendship1@gmail.com.
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Prisonfriendship Testimonials:


I'm writing in regards to first thank you for an incredible opportunity. I had my doubts trying this approach in meeting people, but I can honestly state that your advertising is accurate in every measure. Secondly, I'm requesting that my profile be removed as soon as possible. I'm secure in believing that I've found someone that I'm compatible with in which I no longer need to search. Again, thank you for an amazing opportunity and connection.


Testimonial Austin


Testimonial Tyler

Being "disabled " an still getting hit after hit is astonishing. not every person an I vibe, however we become friend's an establish a relationship. it can begin from across the street to Australia, people across the world need to feel love, need to feel important. its being Human. So thank you for helping me see that being paraplegic doesn't mean I can't find love. I'm eternally grateful.


I'm writing in regards to first thank you for an incredible opportunity. I had my doubts trying this approach in meeting people, but I can honestly state that your advertising is accurate in every measure. Secondly, I'm requesting that my profile be removed as soon as possible. I'm secure in believing that I've found someone that I'm compatible with in which I no longer need to search. Again, thank you for an amazing opportunity and connection.


Testimonial Steven


Testimonial Devon

"My profile is up in a couple of months and I would like to renew my VIP membership because you all have really help me build genuine communications/relationships with certain people on the outside and I want to thank you & continue to work thru you...Thank you so much for helping my time in prison a little bit better"


Please take my profile down off of your website. I have found the love of my life. I want to thank you for your service and I will definitely spread the word about PF in my writing and by word of mouth. But please take my profile down from your site. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Testimonial Kruger ~ Prison Friendship ~ Testimonials


Testimonial Damato Burnett ~ Prison Friendship ~ Testimonials

I would like for you to take down my profile. I'll be in touch if my wife leaves me. Lol Thanks so much for helping me find her. Again, thank you!


I will just like to personally thank you for your services, your time and the effort y'all put into making sure everyone who apply has an easy and exciting experience... Thank you for everything!!!!


Testimonial Michael Berry ~ Prison Friendship ~ Testimonials


Testimonial Shane Colwell

"My name is Nicholas... Because of the extra months, I have met someone and would like to thank you. But please take my profile down."


Thank you for creating this platform on behalf of the incarcerated. God bless you all! Send some brochures and I'll get new customers. Respectfully submitted, Raymond


Testimonial raymond G.


Testimonial Shane Colwell

"Shut my profile down because I met someone special and want to show her respect. Thanks for your help!"


"Can you please take me off of the PrisonFriendship website... I've found the woman I was looking for... thank you!"


testimonial john mcgraw


Testimonial Benito

I'm sending this message regarding my account/profile. With the help of your service I've found a woman who I've come to share an undeniable love with. In doing so, I would respectfully like to request that my account/profile be removed from your page/services so that I can continue pursuing this relationship loyally and genuinely. Thank you!


Dear PF, Hello, My name is Glen. I recently asked that my penpal ad be put back up which you promptly did and I can't thank you enough. I have had great success w/your service and in my opinion it is second to none. I regretfully need to ask that my pen pal ad be suspended again due to volume of hits. It's amazing, but I have a couple people I'm talking to and I'm happy with that. So when you get a chance please suspend my penpal ad at your earliest convenience. Thank you! Respectfully, Glen


Testimonial Glen


Testimonials Terry ~ Prison Friendship ~ Testimonials

I received your notice and have since written to those who have requested me as a friend. And as of late I've been staunchly promoting your service as one of the most successful penpal sites I have tried in my fourteen years of incarceration.


PFriendship, As soon as you get this letter please take down my profile... I don't want it anymore, as I am getting married to someone who reached out to me because of your website. So thank you!


Testimonial Connor


Testimonial Jacob

Can you please take my profile and video down? It served it's purpose well and I've had overwhelming results, almost to good!

Thank you


Greetings... This is Patrick... I plan to send you $24.99 for the Renewal of the VIP. I also plan to send an additional $9.99 for the Videogram. P/s... Your site is the Best prison penpal site!!! Hands down! Those Videograms on TikTok are the game changer.


Testimonial Patrick


Testimonial Michael ~ Prison Friendship ~ Testimonials

"I also want to post on PrisonFriendship.com TikTok when I get the chance to show some love to all the people on there who have shown me love on my profile. This was a game changer for me! It really was. So thank you so much to all of you for all your help. I've got so many good people on my side because of you! "


"To whom it may concern: I first and foremost want to say thank you for the service that you have provided me with. It has far exceeded my expectations. I am writing this letter because I have found what I was looking for through your pen pal service and I would like to terminate any service with you all from this day forward." So if you would, please pull my profile down and remove it. Thank you!


Testimonial Keith

"Hi! I already found an amazing woman and we are happy, and for that reason I would ask you if you could delete my profile. Thank you so much for helping me find love!"


Testimonial Cesar ~ Prison Friendship ~ Testimonials


Prisonfriendship Testimonial Tone

"I just sent you guys $27.00. 3 pics, a bio, & new pics for a video photo collage to update my profile. I also sent a couple more ppl you guys way everyone loves you all's site. It's better than any pen pal site out there. 🙂 I'm appreciative of the good service PrisonFriendship provides, especially during these quarantine lockdowns. Keep up the good work and Happy New Year to all of the staff @PrisonFriendship. Y'all are the best. 🙂 Blessings! Sincerely, Tone"


"Thanks. And I appreciate the service. I've found someone because of PrisonFriendship."


Testimonial Geontae 1 ~ Prison Friendship ~ Testimonials


Testimonial Prisonfriendship Matthew

my name is Matthew. I decided to join a penpal site after being incarcerated for 8 years now and the site I decided to join was prison friendship. To be completely honest I had no idea what to expect and I'm not gonna lie...I was a little more than skeptical because up until July 2021 I had never engaged in anything like that.
prison friendship offered exactly what they said they would. real people, real friendships and most important real connections. I met quite a few new friends but, i never imagined in a million years someone in my position would meet my person. but I did. if it wasn't for prison friendship I honestly don't believe this would have happened and I owe it all to them. thank you guys so so much for your kindness, your honesty in your business and most importantly, thank you for helping me find love through prison friendship. whatever your looking for, be it friends or maybe more. this is the site to do it on. again...thank you guys so so much.
sincerely, Matthew


Just wanted to wish you and your staff Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year. Thanks again! Your service has definitely been a gift.


Testimonial Gemayel ~ Prison Friendship ~ Testimonials

Robert Farmer

Robert & Katja

"Dear PrisonFriendship I'm writing you asking for you to take down my ad, I found the love of my life because of your website. Thank you very much, I've enclosed a photo of us. Her name is Katja and she is from Germany and we are on our way to the altar. You can put this photo on your website. Thanks Sincerely," Robert Farmer


"My future wife found me on PrisonFriendship.com! Now I have a whole new perspective on life. Words can't express how thankful I am."


Pat H.


"I'm so grateful for the service that you offer. It has allowed me and my ministry into the life of your members. The people that we have had the opportunity to minister to have brought a true joy to our church group. God bless you!."


"Subject: I found love Hello my friends, Thanks a lot for your wonderful service, but I will no longer be needing it anymore. So can you please take my profile down immediately. I would truly appreciate it very much. Thanks for everything!".


Prisonfriendship Testimonial James


Testimonial Connor Prisonfriendship

"I would to thank you guys. If it wasn't for your website I wouldn't have found the girl of my dreams. She is so great! Thank u! I would like to take my account down. Thank u!."


I was a bit hesitant to start a profile, not knowing what kind of response I would get. Let me take this opportunity to let you know I have had more mail in the past 6 months since starting this profile than I expected. I have made some great friendships. I look forward to checking my e-mails every day now. Thank you for making your pen pal available.

James C.

Ceasar V.


"I was very skeptical about joining a pen pal site. So when I didn't receive any responses right away I thought it was just like all the other websites... However, two months later the girl of my dreams has come to my rescue. Thanks for teaching patience and that something remarkable can happen when you don't expect it."


"I’m from Europe and have been pen paling with a few people for almost a year now. It’s a long story about why I decided to write a prisoner in America on top of it. People have asked me why I didn’t write someone in my own country and the answer is simple. I never wanted to write someone that I might actually have to meet in the end + our system is so different. It is a lot fairer and our prisoners gets treated as human beings. I just wanted to reach out my hand and be a friend to someone that might actually just need a friend in the darkness.. Today I have a really great friend and his letters always makes me smile. He is a sweetheart but I also met the man of my dreams… I didn’t even know I had a dream man until I met him… And never in a million years would I have thought that I would find my true partner in a prison so far away…….." He is the reason I'm writing this testimonial, he is my very own prisoner and I love him dearly.