Cordell Mitchell

Hello! My name is Cordell Mitchell Jr. Nice to meet you!
“I’m looking for a WOMAN to be my poetry;
Words that proves she’s heavenly;
Phrases that takes the melody of my heart;
As we make history.
You can be my silk sheets;
The comfort of my heartbeat;
Our connection can prove that we’re meant to be;
Possibilities of you laying next to me.
The sunrise of your eyes;
Mixed with the lavender touch between your thighs.
Reguardless of your complextion;
You deserve rose pedals on every side.
Cordell Mitchell Jr. is one of our most frequent blogger. He is a true poet and is also posting his work at #Poetry’s Heartbeat on Instagram.


By: Cordell Mitchell Jr. (626-233) Poetry’s Heartbeat Contact at ( “Pavements…Footsteps with arrangements of my path.Body bags on the grass;And little children who see the aftermath;On my street…Which is evident throughout the nation’s news.Patience bruised…With no stop signs…Or “Warning ahead” with light flash;Or “School zone” off limits because kids just …

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Let me go


”LET ME GO!”By: Cordell Mitchell Jr. (626-233)AKA #Poetry’s HeartbeatContact at (WWW.JPAY.COM) ”Dear Daddy,I have come to the end of life’s road.The earth’s sun has set for me;But I don’t want you to,Refuse to let me go.It may seem my life was cut short,My purpose was fulfilled in every way.Flamed inside …

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My Imagination


”MY IMAGINATION”By: Cordell Mitchell Jr. (626-233)AKA #Poetry’s HeartbeatContact at (WWW.JPAY.COM) ”I have a vision;Represented by God and I…A nation;Painted;On the imagination of my mind’s eye.Canvas;Smooth surface;Orchestrated by God’s creative strokes.Brush of all colors:Blended with All kinds of folks!My imagination –Sees the actuality of the ”American Dream”No need to bear arms,Poverty …



Mental Affection

By: Cordell Mitchell Jr. (626-233)Aka #Poetry’s HeartbeatContact at ( ”PenetrationWith sensation.Mind flowing will be my motivation.Don’t keep you waiting.I’m the train;Your mind is the station.My train thickens;Now the entrance;Can your heart take it?No faking.I’m deep in placesWith strokes of masterbation.Cave of glory.I’m in too deep.Your heart is my direction.Sexing your …

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