My Imagination


By: Cordell Mitchell Jr. (626-233)
AKA #Poetry’s Heartbeat
Contact at (WWW.JPAY.COM)

”I have a vision;
Represented by God and I…
A nation;
On the imagination of my mind’s eye.
Smooth surface;
Orchestrated by God’s creative strokes.
Brush of all colors:
Blended with All kinds of folks!
My imagination –
Sees the actuality of the ”American Dream”
No need to bear arms,
Poverty schemes,
Or the famous ”I Have A Dream!”
No standing on people’s backs
Just for the rich to get another buck;
But unifying and standing up
For the ones who aren’t strong enough.
My imagination –
I’m seeing kids,
Of All complexions;
Growing up in harmony;
Without the darker one,
Wrongfully arrested…
Shot for No reason,
Or even gunned down by the cops…
In MY imagination –
I visualize All of racism stopped!
Opportunity the same,
Our purposes at a new height;
Without this country ran by only the rich,
Who happens to be white
Not caring about what’s wrong or right…
Life –
Is fun to live;
Fingers interlocked
To help each other out the pit;
No more provoked slips –
Other nations
See greatness in our midst…
Community is:
Communication and unity!
We’re All in ONE place.
We All are part of the HUMAN RACE!!!
Difference is NOT division!
Our residence needs to polish up…
And BE the possibility
That EVERY other nation sees in us…
Actually viewed as the ”PROMISED LAND”
Not complacent…
But a Nation…
On MY Imagination…”

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