Matthew Houk

Matthew Houk # 797884

Hello! My name is Matthew. I’m 37 yrs. old, single, a tattoo artist and have been drawing my whole life. I enjoy reading, and writing. My job on the street is building swimming pools. If you’re interested in laughing, smiling and having a good conversation… write or email me and …

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Rodney Hardy

Rodney Hardy # 045659

Hi,My name is Rodney I’m looking for friendship, as I continue my slow journey to win my freedom.I’m very open-minded and nonjudgmental, with a broad personality, who loves to smile and make others feel comfortable and smile to!I’m curious and eager to learn new exciting things, and I’m open to …

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Otis Arnold

Otis Arnold # 794209

Hello,I am looking to connect with someone who is positive, understands their self worth and is in line with what I wish to accomplish in life. I am a very Strong Minded, Intelligent, Respectable man, who is Family Oriented, Spiritually Grounded and well experienced in life. I am a Professional …

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Drew Trotman

Drew Trotman # 0759287

These days technology essentially puts all of the tools that you need to easily launch a successful business literally in the palm of your hands by simply using your phone/device while on the go or in the convenience of your home. Social media platforms and Google are made readily available …

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Alec Tufte

Alec Tufte # 131670

Hey, my name is Alec. I’m 28 years old. I’ve got green eyes and covered in tattoos. I’m getting out soon and I’m hoping to make time go faster talking with someone. I enjoy working out, playing the piano, water skiing, riding dirt bikes, spending time with family and playing …

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