Let me go


By: Cordell Mitchell Jr. (626-233)
AKA #Poetry’s Heartbeat
Contact at (WWW.JPAY.COM)

”Dear Daddy,
I have come to the end of life’s road.
The earth’s sun has set for me;
But I don’t want you to,
Refuse to let me go.
It may seem my life was cut short,
My purpose was fulfilled in every way.
Flamed inside my daddy was a passion,
That led us to this very day.
Don’t cry for my soul;
I’m tucked in God’s arm.
What’s done to me was no harm;
I’m still my daddy’s little charm.
I will always be your teddy bear,
Your buttercup,
And your treasure chest.
Now I play on streets of gold,
And I never take off my princess dress.
I know you will remember me,
But don’t get sad,
Or hold on to that pain.
Don’t strain or get insane…
Keep my love in your mainframe.
You are a great dad!
I’m sorry you couldn’t watch me grow.
I turned your house into a happy home,
But Daddy!
You have to let me go…
We must All,
Take this journey;
At the end of life’s trail.
Cheer up,
I didn’t go to hell.
I’m OK and I can see you.
I remember the times we smiled and shared.
I will keep your warm embrace,
Close to my heart…
My final step was here.
At the times you feel lonely,
Family and friends are nowhere to be found;
Look to the sky…
The brightest thing shining,
Is me smiling down.
I’m more alive than I ever was.
You can let me go,
Because I will never forget my daddy’s hug.
I wish I can wipe the tears,
From your eyes,
And throw your stress away.
I’m always by your side,
I know your love for me will Always stay.
As I end this letter,
Just know
I’m in God’s hand…
I love you Daddy…
Even God knows,
I will always be your Karrie Anne…
We will only be apart,
For a little while,
And I’m sure you know,
We will be free together,
But for now,
Just let me go…
It’s OK!!!”

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