By: Cordell Mitchell Jr. (626-233)
Aka #Poetry’s Heartbeat
Contact at www.JPAY.com

‘What is art?
Because the first thing that is usually thought of is
Canvases by the masses…
Classic lines with curved passages
That orchestrate the clashes of colored passions
Usually in the form of paintings, Drawings, sometimes Sculptures or pictures of that matter;
But ART is so much more than that…
Like the ART of community;
The ART of war, or the ART of unity.
The ART of thinking clearly
Or the ART of effective hearing.
The ART of culture…
Martial ARTS or the ART of dressing.
The ART of leading, Toastmaster’s speaking,
The ART of walking or the ART of blessing.
The ART of mathematical properties…
The ART of political atrocities…
The ART of dance, music, languages…
The ART of peace or untameable animosities…
You see, this journey here
Will NEVER reach it’s demise,
Like the ART of taking a potato
And deciding to bake it, or make fries…
Do I cut it in circles? Do I dice it?
Do I make wedges or hash browns?
Do I mash it?
Or fry it up in a little oil while onions brown?
Do I make tater tots? Do I sauté?
And what do I season with?
Do I use salt, pepper, butter cheese;
Or ranch, sour cream and bacon bits?
You see, that’s what I mean…
ART is so intricately yet broadly explained,
That the possibilities of ONE potato’s recipe
Could hardly be contained…
What about the ART of man,
Created by Christ,
Through God the Father’s imagination?
Given earth for inhabitation…
The unification of man and ART
Unlimits ones self and his ability
That can only be fully reached
Through the liberation of ALL our possibilities
The ARTiculation of ART’s facets
And having the power and skill,
To bring words to the surface of the mind
That gives YOU an emotional feel…
Or embrace…
ART will never stay in one place,
Because it has NO beginning or end,
Just existence…
Close your eyes…
Think of your favorite place to be…
What do you see?
Well, what you just tasted
Was the ART of imagining…
And if you didn’t;
And you chose to watch me and sit still,
Even that was an ART;
Most people call it ”free will.”
ART is the use of skill,
In the production of things of beauty…
Inventions and creations
Display the ART of humanity’s
Ingenious ingenuity…
The ART of seduction or confusion…
The ART of cooking or illusions…
The ART of bartending and drink fusions,
Maneuvering through artificial and natural juices,
Now flowing through the intellect,
To resurrect what ART really is,
Because ART;
Is a universal force…
Like this poem…
And to me THAT’S what ART is…
Because ART;

Photo by Luis Alfonso Orellana on Unsplash

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