Seven Last Words of Christ.

Seven Last Words of Christ

”Mother, Behold Thy Son; Son, Behold Thy Mother.”
By: Cordell Mitchell Jr.
Aka Poetry’s Heartbeat
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MARY: ‘My Lord; My God! JESUS-
My beloved Son…
My heart is torn to pieces-
As I visualize what they’ve done.
I love you…
I was with every step…
My husband is gone and now you;
My Baby!
I have nothing left.
Conceived by the Spirit of God-
Before I was ever touched.
Watching you carry that cross-
I know I haven’t had you long enough…
Can I have just a little more time???
JOHN: My God The Christ!
You have honored me beyond earth.
The greatest gift;
To have the woman who gave You birth.
I thank you Lord!
Many disciples turned away;
But I was the strongest of them all.
I promise to protect her with my life –
I accept Your call.
You have revealed to me the truth,
You are God’s Word made flesh.
You’ve given me your mother,
Who is, above all, women blessed.
The favor of God –
Truly manifested in human form.
Without her purity and innocence –
You wouldn’t even be born…
I humbly honored my Friend…
MARY: I hate what I see;
But I can’t leave;
I see, My Baby Boy on calvary.
I will never forget You,
My Son and everything;
Wrapped up, snug in my arms;
Clothed in majesty.
You’ve given me a son, one of thunder,
I will keep him near.
The only disciple that followed you until here,
And still doesn’t show fear.
I want to climb that cross and wipe your blood away.
Even though THEY can’t recognize you;
I still see my Baby’s face.
People asked me, when I kissed your cheeks,
If I really knew…
I told you to turn water into wine;
I knew what you could do.
John! I am happy
That you are the one He chose for me.
I will treat you as my own –
I accept how He meant us to be.
Mother and son! Son and mother!
The only ones still by His side…
Watching the worse thing;
That could ever cross a mother’s eyes…
Her son… Hung to die…
JOHN: I – Witness of the transfiguration –
The disciple whom Jesus loves…
Given – as a mother –
The woman – with child from above.
Jesus – As I watch Your life come to an end;
I thank You – For sticking closer than a brother…
As a true Friend.
Bread of Heaven!
Savior of the world!
You are the True Vine!
I – personally witnessed You heal a man,
That was born blind.
The Way! The Truth! The Life!
God’s Word is ultimately divine.
I promise to treat Your mother;
As if she was born mine…
I Love You…
MARY: I thank You my Child, Jesus
For not leaving me by myself.
You are hung to die;
And still not thinking about Yourself.
I remember years ago,
When You were at Your Father’s house.
We thought we’ve lost You –
So we backtracked our whole route.
You were in the house of God,
When we found You again.
You were Always about Your Father’s business…
Even to the end.
Watching them crucify my King!
Unable to go up,
And protect my Son from everything.
I remember when they called me blessed;
What will they call me now?
As I am forced to… Just watch…
As they crucify my Child…
Oh Lord… (As she weeps, John comforts her and they leave)

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