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Are you looking to make a difference in someone’s life? Or do you just want to talk to someone who is lonely and needs a friend? Maybe you have wondered what a day in prison is like or have a genuine interest in criminal justice? Even if it is curiosity or a genuine desire to connect with someone, you can change someone’s life by writing a letter to someone in prison.          

No matter the reason to corresponde and befriend someone who is locked up, writing a prisoner and becoming a penpal through PrisonFriendship is the way to go. Take a look at our PRISONFRIENDSHIP MEMBERS to find a prison pen pal that is right for you!

Reach out today and write an inmate. You will make a difference in someone’s life – including your own.


VIP Prison Penpals

Ethan Fuhs

Ethan Fuhs # 105874

Hello strangers! My name is Ethan. I am 6 feet tall, 205 …

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Xzavier Penwell

Xzavier Penwell # 594019

Hello! My name is Xzavier Penwell, #594019 and I’m 31 years old, …

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Lester Dunnings Jr.

Lester Dunnings Jr. # 287069

My name is Les. I enjoy life. I enjoy writing poetry. I …

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Jacob Morales

Jacob Morales # 22B2984

Hello my name is Jacob, I’M 6″1 Hispanic and Caucasian mixed maleI …

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Trenton Bernard

Trenton Bernard # 933505

Need a friend in a time of need.

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Antonio Denson

Antonio Denson # A767821

I am Antonio, 20 years old I’m laid back I want to …

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Tobias Payton

Tobias Payton # R10454

I’m as great as you are great!When you flyI will soar above …

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Sean Smith

Sean Smith # X06883

Greetings!  I’m coming to you surrounded by others, but yet still alone. …

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Michael Rose

Michael Rose # 778437

I am Michael and 27 years old as you know. A few …

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Michael Moore

Michael Moore #1081032

Hey there world:-) just living the dream. Fell from grace trying to …

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Daryl Mickles

Daryl Mickles # 497512

My name is Daryl Mickles. I’m 6 feet 4 inchs tall i’m …

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Windy Brooke George

Windy Brooke George # 17126509

Hey whats up im Breezy but my real name is Windy brooke …

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Who is still waiting for someone to write to them

Some of our members haven’t got many responses and are in need of a friend. You can really brighten their day and make a difference by reaching out, even if it is just to say “Hi!”. On our Inmates Needing Mail page we have some prisoners who are still looking for pen pals. Provide some hope, support and happiness by reaching out today!

Provide some hope, support and happiness by reaching out today!

Creating a membership for someone is easy to do, just click the button below

Sign up your friend or loved one to become a prisonfriendship member


We believe that all prisoners benefit from the support and encouragement of non-incarcerated individuals. Having a connection with someone in the free world significantly affects the inmates thinking, attitude, and behavior… not to mention the powerful impact it has on their well being as a whole. No matter the reason to write a prisoner, becoming a pen-pal to an inmate in jail will make a huge difference in their life.

Whether your potential penpals are in county jail, State prison, Federal prison, detention facilities or pre-release rehabilitation & correction centers… Your pen pal will greatly appreciate your companionship. Communicating with a prisoner gives them an outlet to express themselves from behind the walls. You’ll discover through your correspondence that even though these women and men inmates are locked up, they still have so much to offer.

Being a pen-pal is rewarding in many ways, so don’t wait! Write a letter or send an email to someone behind bars. Reach out today and write a prisoner. You will make a difference in someone’s life – including your own.

Based on our own experience and information provided by prison advocacy groups & the Federal Bureau of Prisons, pen-pal programs such as have consistently reduced recidivism rates among incarcerated individuals. Prisoners who have strong support systems independent of their immediate family makes the transition back into society much easier; therefore, pen pal programs like PrisonFriendship play a major role in an offender’s reintegration and reentry into their communities. It has also been documented that many of the prisoners suffer from emotional and mental disorders. According to a recent study in the UK about half of all female inmates (49%) and a quarter of male prisoners (23%) suffer from anxiety and/or depression. Suicide is another issue that plagues incarcerated adults. About 30% of those who commit suicide have no contact with the outside world. Becoming a pen pal helps reduce the feelings of loneliness that isolation creates. Being a friend to someone in jail also helps with their self image which generates happiness and a sense of hope for the future. So why write a prisoner? Because you can literally give someone the hope they need that saves their life. So look through our PRISON PEN PALS today and find your new friend It must be noted that prisoners are not the only ones who benefit from pen pal correspondence. Elizabeth Greenwood is a journalist and author of “Love Lockdown: Dating, Sex and Marriage in America’s Prisons“. She concluded after interviewing several women that friendships and relationships with men incarcerated had a positive effect on their lives. It boosted their self-esteem and reduced fear & insecurity. This new found confidence led to greater productivity in their lives. Many of these women went back to school, started new careers or businesses and became social activists in the community.

So why write a prisoner?

Because inmates aren’t the only people who benefit from pen pal friendships. Being there for someone else, is also being there for yourself too. Outside of being an inspiration and agent of change in a prisoner’s life, becoming a pen pal can build a lifelong friendship. Men and women prisoners have a lot to offer and can really be the kind of friend you need in your life. Most of the inmates who took the time to think about their choices and really work on themselves, have become better people. As a result, they have transformed who they are and are worthy of genuine friendship. So why make an inmate connection? Because having a few prison penpals adds something meaningful to your life and makes the world a better place through it all. Do you have any questions on how to write a prisoner you don’t know?  Check out our FAQ or our more information page!
Blogs From Behind The Bars

Have you ever thought about what goes through the mind of a prisoner? What do they care about? What do they think about when they are alone in their cell? If these thoughts ever crossed your mind, then our blog platform called PF Journals is something you’ll enjoy. Check it out and visit the minds of the men & women locked up. 

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Our Mission

Our mission in creating our prison pen pal service was to provide a way for the millions of people incarcerated to meet new people. We do understand the importance and value of having healthy positive relationships, no matter your circumstances, especially for those in prison. Write to a prisoner to change a life – Maybe your own!

Doing time alone is a terrible thing. As many prisoners have limited contact with their families or nobody at all. We also believe that having support and encouragement while in prison is essential to their transition back into society and reducing recidivism. And no one can deny that there needs to be change when it comes to the prison system. So it is for these reasons that this website was born. Reach out to a  PF member today, write a prisoner online and become a part of the solution.

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