Mental Affection

By: Cordell Mitchell Jr. (626-233)
Aka #Poetry’s Heartbeat
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With sensation.
Mind flowing will be my motivation.
Don’t keep you waiting.
I’m the train;
Your mind is the station.
My train thickens;
Now the entrance;
Can your heart take it?
No faking.
I’m deep in places
With strokes of masterbation.
Cave of glory.
I’m in too deep.
Your heart is my direction.
Sexing your mind
And your heart.
I won your soul’s election.
I’m hitting the G-spot,
Of a mental steak and shake.
Cinnamon bun,
On the excellence of my heart’s plate.
This is my dream;
To be inside of the best you got.
We incoil and intertwine.
You pray it never stops.
The pistol of my mental,
Is essential
To show my clip of truth.
No morning time,
We vacation as I parade with you.
Mental Affection.
You think it’s over,
But it will never be.
Every time you close your eyes,
To imagine,
You have to think of me.
It can’t be… Your mind thinks,
Your heart says it is.
You never thought,
Mental affection
Can make you fizz.
Your heart can’t stand up…
Mine can’t even walk…
Shivers electrify your pocket;
And all we did was talk.
You keep my mental hard…
I keep your heart wett.
Passionate erection…
My section just showed you the best.
Put you to rest…
Expand your heart…
Make your mind stretch…
So I can fit.
Off your mind I’m pulling the dress.
My heart just flexed…
Your honeybun is asking me what’s next…
I impregnate your soul with my insertion…
Catch your breath…
Turn around…
I sex the camel toe of your heart.
Our chemistry is no mystery
I always hit the mark.
I take the panties off your core;
I’m in your mind’s basement…
My inspiration is demonstration;
I lick your imagination…
You suck my stick;
I make you shift;
After your heart strip.
You shake your hips;
I have your lips;
As they both drip.
From behind;
I’m in your mind;
With some bump n’ grind…
Prime time…
It’s a sign….
I just made you mine…
Simultaneously we release;
You rest in my embrace.
Face to face;
You feeling safe;
No one can take your place…
Because you’re mine.
I have my mind to sex your best thought.
I rub your love;
Without a touch;
My tongue can get you off…
Mental affection!
Stop the stress…
You resurrect my beast…
I kiss your feet;
Your heart’s perfection
Leave us with moist sheets.
Cherished by me.
We have our feast…
I open your heart’s cage;
With the keys of my soul;
In my life you’re on the stage…
My mind’s your treat;
To be inside of you,
Is the ultimate blessing…
Breathe heavy…
You’re all the way opened up;
With mental affection…

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