Cordell Mitchell

Hello! My name is Cordell Mitchell Jr. Nice to meet you!
“I’m looking for a WOMAN to be my poetry;
Words that proves she’s heavenly;
Phrases that takes the melody of my heart;
As we make history.
You can be my silk sheets;
The comfort of my heartbeat;
Our connection can prove that we’re meant to be;
Possibilities of you laying next to me.
The sunrise of your eyes;
Mixed with the lavender touch between your thighs.
Reguardless of your complextion;
You deserve rose pedals on every side.
Cordell Mitchell Jr. is one of our most frequent blogger. He is a true poet and is also posting his work at #Poetry’s Heartbeat on Instagram.


Love is inexplainable; Or tameable; Yet obtainable; And with everything that goes wrong; Love is unblamable.” In other words… You can’t explain love, neither can you tame love. You can obtain love, Yet NOTHING wrong can be blamed on love… Real love… By CORDELL MITCHELL JR. (626-233)