''2 THOUSAND 20''


”Pain brings pressure,
Perfecting who I was called to be.
United State’s extremities;
Illuminated by Covid-19.
The year off perfect vision
It showed our nation’s truth;
It also proved the burden bearing relentlessness
Of our fed up youth:
To change our national world view.
The year 2020;
God carried us to the other side.
He took the pain away from those who
Unexpectedly met their demise-
And now their spirits are free to rise…
The year of perfect vision…
The coronavirus swept through these prison walls.
The WHOLE world saw it!
Which still didn’t prompt any accepted calls.
A lot of relationships would fall
Into the pit of reality’s atmosphere;
Relatively proving that you were only
Saying what you think I want to hear…
Roller Coaster rides…
Ups and downs…
We see the ins come out.
My family went and got my long lost brother;
And moved him from the south.
God has us covered…
His love – He always manifest;
Even when cops or covid-19
Is taking our people’s breath…
My oldest brother
Had a head on collision
And only ONE of his sons
Wasn’t even hurt;
Yet every one of them survived,
Which was 2020 that God was at work…
Most of my sisters had children;
My little brother delivered his first son…
Take the vision of 2020
As motivation for 2021…
There is a way that seems right
But ends in a destructive death…
Will I amplify my short breaths;
Or be thankful that I have breath left!?
The year 2 thousand 20…
But I can’t say that it was all bad…
Through ALL of the divided cries,
We still rose stronger from the Phoenix ash…
WAY after the aftermath…

AKA #Poetry’s Heartbeat
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