This is how I fight my battles!!!

“My mission was contradiction to living;
I had a different goal.
I felt that my soul was sold;
Until my destiny put my death on hold;
…And I had to get real with me…
The person behind my anger mask sought revenge;
I used to love to fight.
My wall was edged with sharp stones;
To make sure I keep the distance right.
I sat in the cellar of my isolation;
And watched a flower fall…
Then God’s love beamed like a light;
And made my wall fall.
My cranium calculated a question;
Thinking in retrospect:
“Do I want to be hurt by someone I love, or Never feel love;
Which one do I think feels the best?”
My mask blocked the potential for me to be loved;
But I’ve had enough;
So, when I witnessed God’s love opperating;
I knew Who I could trust…
…The Creator of us All…
Now, when I look all around me and it seems as if troubles are everywhere-
It doesn’t even matter;
Because I cast my cares upon The Lord and worship Him;
This is how I fight my battles!!!”

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