“WHO’S WITH ME?” By: Cordell Mitchell Jr

“I want to know…
Not just the ones who CLAIM;
That they’re by my side;
With no guide into my eyes;
With words that are unplugged;
Coming from a heart with no love;
Actually shown to be a lie…
We tend to have a lot of them around don’t we?
Sticks and stones may break my bones;
But words;
Can tear me to pieces;
When spoken from someone close enough to pull the lever of my guard’s releases;
With speeches;
That’s sweet like peaches;
And cream…
With words like a dream;
Flowing down a love filled stream;
But only to see the steam…
The aftermath…
You showed me what you mean.
I guess the theme of your gene;
Was contrary to what I THOUGHT I seen.
But was that stream that I seen;
Just a figment of My imagination?
My love was collaboration;
With YOUR love which was shown as fakin’;
Therefore, making me;
Put another brick in my wall of isolation…
But do I stay here?
Or do I even stay on earth?
Because I’m tired of this happening…
Over and over again…
Suicide thoughts;
Now race through my intellect;
As I look in retrospect;
That ME being dead;
Just might prove to be the best solution;
For everybody…
I cut myself to direct the pain;
From a broken life;
To a slit I put in my vein…
Which actually feels better than my life does right now…
I was told to hold my head up so that my crown won’t fall to the ground…
Can’t you see that my clothes are torn up;
In the mud is where I’m stuck,
With NOBODY to help me stand up?
The people that told me that they loved me;
Left me here to die.
I have Nobody standing by my side;
Or to wipe the tears from my eyes;
Therefore I MUST DIE!!!
The person standing next to me;
Had scars to cover up his whole face.
You couldn’t even recognize that he was a man…
Then he had the nerve to tell me that he understand…
But how could he;
Possibly identify with me!?
He said;
When I was a baby the government wanted me dead;
It didn’t work,
But poverty had me hardly having bread;
To eat;
My feet;
Were blistered from lack of shoes;
I was a Jew;
Yet sentenced to be killed by fellow Jews…
So how do you think I felt?
One of my closest friends;
Sold me out for a little change.
My right hand man, ran;
When the people who wanted me dead finally came.
In had the fame that was insane;
With only two people calling my name;
Which was my mom and my friend John;
After ten of my other friends left and went the other way…
So I can identify;
With why;
Right here you would want to be…
Because even at the end of my road;
I felt that My God had forsaken me…
But He didn’t…
There was a purpose behind Everything I went through…
And I KNOW that’s the same with you.
Look at my face…
It was beaten beyond recognition.
As of right now;
My flesh has SO many chunks missin’…
It hurts…
But the only perk;
Is that YOU can now be shown true life…
And my name is Jesus the Christ…
And I Love You;
Even if No one else does…”

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  1. You always have someone by your side and that’s your God cause first and foremost the God of my understanding will never leave me or forsake me and that goes for your life to. Your life is worth more then your giving yourself credit for. And if no body told you they love you today I do.

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