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“The offering of something precious,
Deprivation or loss.
The cost I paid,
Because you couldn't put up with what you bought…
So I stepped in…
My plan was to change for the better,
Have your life grow to surpass the mass,
And upgrade to a different class.
Take a dash from the past,
Into a future for you to live.
My life I chose to give.
I'm cool with paying for what you did…
Because I love you that much…
How important is that to you?
You tell people that we're cool,
Yet I never hear from you.
It's true that I love you,
But you have something else on your heart's throne…
Like movies,
Luxurious items,
Or whether or not your favorite player won that game at home.
“Did you see Empire or Star?”
I can't wait until I get out;
Because I called home and my people told me that there was a drought.”
Your mind is occupied with trash,
And stuff that doesn't hold weight…
But when I want you to spend time with me,
You start to pout up your face…
Like I'm the burden…
So I step back…
My sacrifice was for YOU!
But you waste it on your own lusts.
THAT shows your lack of trust.
You would rather fill your life with dust,
You have NO dedication to Me,
And I prayed drops of blood,
When I spoke to My Father on my knees.
Will you EVER try to strengthen our relationship,
Or just allow your spirit to be cast into eternal bliss…
With NO way out?
Hopefully you take heed;
And not allow My sacrifice to waste away,
Because I yearn for the day,
That we meet face to face…
And I (Jesus The Christ)
Love you ANYWAY!!!”

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