When Good Goes Bad

Hey there everybody. I know you’ve been watching the local & world news. I was Taken back to the 1968 riots with the Black Panther Party.
I don’t know if you watched the riot events unfold across the country about the killing of a cuffed unarmed black man, that was put in a police cruiser, but removed to be killed, Why? This type of shit is what this country was built on. The rape, murder and racism that the natives had to endure at the hands of Europeans who claimed to come in peace, what a BIG deception to those natives whom was in America way before a European touched the shores of the west Pacific.
anyway back to 68 when J.E Hoover had the Panthers infiltrade to disrupt the daily functions of the organization by deceiving the community.

Now today we have the police joining protesters instigating violence and vandalism. But when protesters realized that the supposed protester was about vandalizing the community, they put down there signs and proceeded to whipping his ass. Guess what? He was a cop acting as a protester=( ain’t that something. Corruption at its best, trying to deceive the community.

Another protester shot, but not with a rubber bullet=( and the cop did not have his body cam on to show whether he was justified in the shooting or if he was reckless, and this is right after the shooting of Breonna Taylor, whats in a the water in Ky? Maybe we’ll find out in a couple months like the shooting of the young jogger in Georgia, and let’s not forget how the peaceful protesters at the White House, we’re maced, pushed & shoved and shot with rubber bullets only to get the President to a church that he was not welcomed too. Ya’ll voted for the idiot, maniacal, and So hey, this is what we get when we believe there’s gold on the other end of the rainbow.

When good goes bad.

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