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God made us to love, not hate

I heard my friend tell his16yr old son, go out there and get you a girl, but don’t bring no white girl home.
I asked him why would he tell his son that? His reply was my mom told me not to bring no white girl home, and in this climate today with what’s going on around the country, I don’t want too see no white girl in my home or around my kid. I don’t want my child to get killed.
Have we come this far to allow a Jim Crow perception to misguide ourselves to miss out on a person that could possibly enrich his son’s life, whether she’s white, latin, Chinese or black? All that matters is the love that they share together. Don’t limit him because your mother was brought up in a time that the races didn’t mix. A black could be killed just for looking a white girl.
That was a long time ago, we’ve come a long way from the Emit Till days. We intermingle now in this 21st century and even though some still see the black & white thing as taboo, What’s so bad about mixing relations? Nothing if you don’t allow nit witted people to judge who you see as an equal.
I spoke with my friends son and I told him if a white girl peaks your interest, follow your gut and don’t let nobody pick what who you’re supposed to like and possibly love. That’s your choice too make.
I know I wasn’t supposed to put my 2 cents into his son’s mind, but I had to as a man.
I know that all white people aren’t bad, its just that we are stuck on the past actions of so many racist people that we encounter in life. that when we do cross paths with that white girl or boy, we fail to see the treasure right in front of us, because we allowed others mind states to dictate our decisions in life.
I refuse to live life by someone else’s rule. I may be locked up physically, but my mental is flying above the destruction going on in the world now.
So I stand hand in hand by my European protesters in this long fight for the stop of racial violence, the two prong side of the judicial system and even the way people think about who we should like and love.
I LOVE u white because u did not judge my beautiful black skin. Enjoy the rainbow etnicitets, God made us to love, not hate.
Note to the reader,  this is my opinion & view. The struggle is real, don’t sit on the sideline while racist cops, judges, prosecutors and even the people we interact with on a daily basis is causing destruction in our communities, by their racist actions. Stand up don’t sit down when your integrity is needed. Stand up for color, no matter what, you’ve sat down for to long.
God’s standing with us!!!

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