Lesson learned

What’s good my people? I just received some startling info about the non-violent offenders that seem to love coming back and fourth to these toilets that we currently reside in.
I’ve been in my toilet for over 2 and a half decades for something that I did not do, and I have a 7 yr bit that I was guilty of, so all together I have close to 32 yrs in these shit holes=(
Not one of my proudest moments. But I have come a long way from my unhumble beginnings from back in1989.
For some reason Congress, Governor Dewine and the Ohio prosecutor’s office’ feel that a non violent offender is more valuable in society than a person who has served a substantial amount of time for their crime, but because it’s deemed a violent crime, the Powers that be allows a low level criminal a chance at freedom when they have’nt learned from their current incarceration.These individuals go back into society and wreak more havoc, making it hard for a person who has learned from doing hard time.
I’m tryng to see when will the powers learn from there mistakes and give the old law offenders a chance to make a difference?
Just asking for the same chance you give a criminal with a lesser degree felony.

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