As the lights suddenly became dim, and the crowd’s attention was drawn to the sparkle of her riveting red ensembles of rubies, pink diamonds, and costume crystals, in her thoughts there was only one true girl… “And the winner is!!”.

Each woman is the builder of herself. If she is to build up a successful, strong, and exemplary life it must be framed on a few simple moral principles: justice, rectitude, sincerity, and kindness. An exceptional mindset to achieve what you press hard to accomplish will steer you to strive for the many reachable and unreachable goals which aren’t even in existence.

For example: Sports helps relieve stress. Being stress free is truly needed for anyone to be happy. Regardless how good you are in the beginning with motivation and hard work you can only get better. It doesn’t matter where you start, it matters where you finish. A person who settles for second place will only shoot for the stars, while a person who works hard to elevate in their occupation etc. will shoot for Saturn. Get your rings like a true Queen!

I’ve been pushing forward to place myself to where I can progress in life and seldom lose. I’ve been chasing a Diamond who deserves to shine. No one is perfectly built flawless, but everyone should love themselves. Always hold your head high and turn your talents into a merit; something that entitles people to rewards or commendation and excellence. Stay Motivated!

Photo by kike vega on Unsplash

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