We all matter to someone!!!

Hey there! Me and a few of the guys was conversing over what’s going on out there in ya’lls world. The killing of black, brown, and red people, black lives matter, all lives matter, etc. That’s a fact that we’re forgetting.

Personally, I am pissed off that we as a people have taken so much for so long, and it took the loss of life for whites, black, brown and other ethnic cultures to come together as one people to stop the travesties that’s been plaguing the country for centuries, whites killing blacks.

Ask yourselves why are Europeans scared of people of color? you clutch your purse and cross the street just to avoid us. But what has a person of color done to you personally to make you take such drastic measures?

I’ve come to realize that a bunch of the Europeans that become civil servants were either bullied in school or had psychological problems growing up. I know that a lot of us colored people have the tendency to do some foul shit. But every person of color is not a violent nutcase, by far. A lot of us Americans are educated, hard working men/women. And then you have the thug that reps his colors=( And they tend to kill each other as well as non gangbangers (innocent bystanders). That’s where the hypocrisy comes in to play. Black on black crime, and your scared of us people of color.

The time has come for all of us to step up to the plate and stop all of the senseless killing and step up to be heard that you won’t allow no one to be killed by a police officer or anyone for that matter.

You do know that all lives matter, but black lives are being exterminated at a high rate.


I ask you all to stand shoulder to shoulder hand in hand with every ethnicity, so that we as a people can stop the loss of life and try to live in harmony together.

But we have to start at the core of the problem, ourselves. When we can find fault in the way we think and act, then it’s time to re-access our life. When we look at a person of a different color, and we think lesser of that individual for any reason, then it’s time to change the way we think. The problem is not with anyone but you. So please ask yourself, why do I hate, whom I don’t know? I matter, you matter, black lives matter, We all matter.

You only matter when you care about what matters to everyone who matters to some one else.

We all matter to someone!!!

By Jeffrey Stevens

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  1. I love you addressed the matter of the importance of ALL PEOPLE. NO man, woman or child is better than the next one. GOD LOVES ALL EQUALLY AND AS HUMANS WE MUST EMBRACE THE SAME MENTALITY.
    Blessings, keep faith..hope and LOVE ALIVE.

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