I pray

In Jesus’ Name that I pray

I apologize for how I’ve been acting lately.
I know I’ve been falling short.
And some may think I’m faking.
Lord, You deserve the best…
But I’ve been giving You crap.
I’m sorry I put You second;
Your Spirit just drew me back.
I say that I post on Your side;
But lately it seems I’m sitting.
I know weariness gets me nowhere;
So standing should be my picture.
I know I’m made in Your image;
But acting, I’m someone else.
I have to take off the make-up;
Lord show me to be myself.
My old man should be dead;
But I operate in my flesh.
I know that I have Your Spirit,
and in You is where I rest.
I was still talking about You,
While talking about stupid things;
But how is bitter and sweet water;
Going to come out of the same spring?
I know You’ll never leave me;
The whole time I’ve been acting dumb,
So I will start trusting in You;
And operate like a son.
Lord, I know that love is You;
And You’re who perfect my faith,
so fill me with more of You;
In Jesus’ Name that I pray…”

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