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Mass Incarceration; The New Plantation

31 years I’ve been incarcerated in these prisons –better known as modernized plantations -giving these folks more of my life than I care to admit.

I’m trying to figure out why the governor, Mike Dewine, of Ohio, as well as the director of DRC, Anette Chambers-Smith, has not taken the opportunity to free some of the old time offenders that has served more than 20 years, but instead continue to make it possible for people who keep using the prison as a revolving door, to have opportunities.

Dewine stated in his speech about whom he was not considering for early emergency release, which included rapist, murderers and violent offenders. But factually and statically speaking, the very people that he excluded are the one’s that are less likely to re-offend. Shit I’ve done 2+decades for a crime that I did not commit or have anything to do with, so I know that I wouldn’t be lining up to come back to the whip and chain of modern day plantation life. FUCK THAT!!!!!

What I’m trying to figure out is, where’s the moral compass. He has already pardoned one of his political buddies that screwed the hardworking tax payers out of millions. Imagine that!

Americans we need to take notice of the people that we put in power over our lives and our well-being. If we don’t things are only gonna get worse for everybody.

Your’e on call, do the right thing because our livelihoods are at stake. Go vote! No excuses this time. The time is now to affect the much needed change that this country deserves. Our future depends on it.


By Jeffrey Stevens

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