the essence that women possess

the essence that women possess

God’s Blessings…
God and I chatted this morning about the alluring beauty, softness and character of the woman.
God said my son, I have bestowed upon you and your brother’s the gift of love, compassion, tenderness, humor and the power to reproduce a king or queen to carry on your royal lineage.
God went on to say, you and your brothers are failing at meeting the woman halfway with the obligation that I God have tasked you with, to have a meaningful relationship with her.

I thought long & hard over the millennia to today to witness the brutality that my brothers and I have reaped upon women. Damn, opps forgive me Father!!! I am sorry!! I always told my brothers to enjoy the essence that women possess. Good Lord the essence. God said son, that’s not all that women contribute. Their minds help mold the world, their hearts make a God fearing man bow his crown to his queen, and their spirits help elevate man’s sense of being. I thanked God for you and woke from my slumber, to tell you on this day that you are sexy, irresistible, desired, smart and appreciated.
Love you ladies, mothers, sisters & friends!!!

Photo by Alireza Dolati on Unsplash

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