Is a Mentality/Life$tyle that I created and developed while doing this time in prison because most people in here speak on doing Great & Amazing things when they are released from prison but some may never be released from prison, so I had to process that and challenge that narrative and choose to be Great & Amazing no matter the time, day, place or situation. I’ve always dreamed and imagined having this type of platform to express myself to the World and make a Positive, Powerful & Profound Difference in $omebody’s Life because we are all $piritual Beings having a physical experience which means we are all connected and have a Divine Kinship that can’t be limited or restricted.

Right now I reside in a cement cell not sure of it’s measurements but I have Peace in my Mind, Happiness and Joy in my Heart and Fire in my $pirit and have this platform to express myself in a Creative, Exclusive & Powerful way and express it how I feel it as i’m actually feeling it so I will continue to Connect, Build, Grow, Flow, Elevate and Evolve on every Level and it’s on You to activate & exercise yo Greatness & Amazingness no matter the time, day, place or situation.
Respectfully Real & Raw Mark

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

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