false promises

False promises

This is for all the solid people who keep their word. Salute to you for always honoring your word. Some people can’t understand the totality from the fall out from breaking your word. Once you give me your word & agree, there is no going back on your word and if you don’t think everything will be the same going forward. No!

Nowadays people are just  taking & making false promises. You don’t know who to believe sometimes. Make sure when you give your word you keep it no matter what it involves. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that things happen that weren’t in the plan to make things go off course putting people in a position where they can’t come through for a reason. But there is no excuse for not honoring your word period. It is your responsibility to keep it. Your credibility & reputation is in question if you are anything less. Under no circumstances is that acceptable or tolerated.

On the flip side to this, make sure you appreciate people in your life who honor their word. It speaks volumes of the type of character & integrity they have. I know we live in a time where all types of nonsense slips under the radar. Well, not all of us subscribe to this new age stuff. When you encounter these types of people, cut them out of your life immediately.

If you give your word… keep your word. It is as simple as that! 

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  1. Keeping ones word is never black and white. Most people have heartfelt intentions when giving a promise however, sometimes life/incidents outside of their control makes such things impossible. The only persons word you need to rely on is your own and don’t judge others if they can’t keep theirs…it’s not yours to judge.

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