Sentencing Act

Truth in Sentencing Act

From 1996-2000 The United States Government dangled $3.95 billion in front of states that passed tough on crime laws. States, including Illinois thirsty for those federal dollars responded with tougher laws such as the Truth in Sentencing Act which made those convicted of violent crimes serve 100% of their sentences. During the debate on the T.I.S.A. in the House and Senate,the Illinois legislature did not debate the behavioral, psychological or social characteristics of emerging adults(those under the age of 21).

Today, it is well known that in the courts of Illinois and across the country that the human brain does not fully develop until the mid 20s. (See Peoole V. Ruiz 2020IL App (1st)163145 May 26 2020). In a CNN interview former president Bill Clintom renounced his 1994 crime bill which brought us the T.I.S.(see,http://www.cnn/.com/2015/07/15/politics/bill-clinton-1994-crime-bill-/July 15,2015) I’m a litigator fighting for prison reform and my message is clear.Any reform group, politician, judge or candidate who is not willing to repeal the Truth in Sentencing Act is not for the people and worth your vote.Please feel free to contact me via: Connect

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