GAME (Gaining All Meaningful Education)

For those of us who have, or currently are, engaged in a lifestyle that could lead to prison, we are taught the rules of the game. Unfortunately, the rules we are given are rarely adhered to, not to mention the fact that the rules we are given are obsolete. It took a 90yr prison sentence for me to realize that the real game is played on a much deeper level. We battle over trivial things like hood turf, colors, or pseudo street ties.

To be honest, we’re not even on the playing field when it comes to the game. I believe that in order to succeed in life we have to truly prepare and understand the game. It’s said that knowledge is power. I would go a step further; information & its proper utilization is power. The stage is geo political, not local hood stuff. This is why it is extremely difficult to get into the elite of higher education (Ivy league). Real power lies in gaining all meaningful education (game)! We live in an era where you have access to all information (internet), yet we are more concerned with social media likes than true games.

Real hustlers create dynasties, build empires that far outlast their physical existence for generations. If you’re living day 2 day, and can’t use your money beyond buying clothes & jewelry, or flashing on social media, then you’re not even on the playing field. Get game! Learn the real principles of business, law, and politics. Study real power players like politicians, business leaders, and global influencers. Educate and refine yourself to evolve beyond the block. True power awaits those who are willing to sacrifice to get game!

Live in positive power,


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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