Outside the box

Outside the box

To start off the new year, I’d like to talk about what my goals for the future are. I’m going to continue my workouts, drawings, and plan on keeping my blog updated. During this year I hope to hear from a lawyer to help reduce my sentence in resentencing. In February I will complete 8 years behind bars, I believe to have recovered my mental health.

All I can do now is keep doing what I’m doing and look forward to what is to come. The way to achieve something is to look at your situation from outside the box. Imagination also takes place when you think you can accomplish something. At this point, I can imagine my release date, the first thing I’d like to do is, “Thank God”.

Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church

Andres Castillo Perez

CDRC# AZ9036 D-7, 223

Kern Valley State Prison
P.O. Box 5104
Delano, CA 93216

Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

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