Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement

The daily mistreatment that myself and others are enduring here at Menard Corr. Center is well below humane. Medical, mental health, safety and security are NOT priorities. This is not a cry for help. I’m begging for someone, anyone to just make a call to the Governor of the State of Illinois. Also, contact the Department of Justice and let someone know that we are not getting the recommended yard time guaranteed to us here at Menard Corr. Center. We are not supposed to get long term segregation sentences anymore, but I received 90 days solitary confinement for defending myself in a fight I didn’t even start.

If we write something up the officers tell us that they will throw it away. The locked box that the grievances go into have been pried open so that anyone can retrieve the grievances without having to unlock the box… which they don’t have access to the key. They want us to obey the rules while they violate our constitutional rights. Then when we attempt to complain about it, they cover up the wrong committed.

To whoever may read this, myself & others incarcerated need your help!!! Just being honest animals in a shelter get better treatment than us here. Help! Please help!

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