My Life in Prison

My Life in Prison

It’s 6:30 am. I’m up getting ready to drink coffee and start my weekly routines by 7am. I take Saturday & Sunday off for rest days. After that I shower and get dressed and do all I can to stay busy, as well as my other daily rituals.

I love to watch TV. My favorite shows are Yellowstone, Snowfall, Animal Kingdom, Myans and Claws. I also love movies, so every time they play new release films I’m bunked up and don’t want to be disturbed.

I draw daily, tattoo, listen to music and write lyrics. A life of a tattoo & music artist is the dream and what I plan to strive for and be. My favorite artists are Eminem, DaBaby, Geezy, Key Glock, Jack Harlow and many more. I love being a DJ and in the studio producing beats, recording lyrics and creating EDM. As for art, tattooing gives me a feeling like no other.

I can’t wait to take what I’ve learned and not only apply it, but establish it as well. Plus, with family standing beside me anything is possible. Covered in tats from head to toe and getting out of prison is going to be a different experience & a whole new challenge on its own. Simply looking to pursue my dreams, make my family happy and give them some relief cause I’m staying out of trouble, as well as meet and build new friendships with everyone I can along with whatever else that comes along the way to share what I’ve learned and accomplished, what I have, where I’ve come from, who I use to be and where I am now.

So if you’re interested in talking and getting to know me, add me on the app and email me. Also, you can go to my profile for more info and details about me and how to contact me. Sincerely, Matthew Brooks #117527

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