I would like to thank the people who have helped me get to where I am today, improving upon myself. I am half way through my sentence and know that the beginning was the hardest part. I have more patience, can think things through and have a better reason to continue living. I learned that with time, there’s no other way to learn what I’ve learned, hard work and dedication earns respect.

I have been doing time for soooo many years that I feel confident in the work that I do. I used to be a temporary employee at an agency and the company that I was working for hired me after my contract ended. I started at the bottom of working positions and at that time I was what called a Machine Operator. From Machine Operator I was promoted to Product Stager, from Product Stager to Material Handler.

From Material Handler I moved to another company were I was everything from the bottom all the way up to Supervisor. This was all within the Plastic Injection Molding Industry, now I find myself in the CDRC Prison System. I am the Head Porter in my building and am also Yard-Crew in the evening, but am interested in attending College. One must know that we can’t do everything and must accept that we can only do so much. Stay strong!

Kern Valley State Prison
Andre Castillo Perez
CDRC# AZ 9036 D-7, 223
PO Box 5104
Delano, CA 93216

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

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