First Day Out

First Day Out

First day out, I’m on business,
forget going out, where’s the Ms.,
went straight to the house, on a mission,
the bed, on the wall, on the couch, all positions,
cuz I was thinkin’ bout it for a long time,

so I’ma take advantage now that she’s all mine.
Phone calls and letters, felt like forever,
to get thru it better have a strong mind.
Now I’m back down, out the can now,
no more eating prison food at chow,

And I’m tryna walk a straighter path now,
or they ton make me do life off my background.
So I’m out here coolin’ like a fan now,
just wrestling my girl like it’s Smackdown,
But I only wrestled naked(ha ha),

Still I make her tap out daily,
Don’t know how to act now!

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

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