Modern Day Atlas

Modern Day Atlas

You ever wonder what it’s like to greet you?? What it must register in someone’s mind meeting you for the first time. Every time I’m in the presence of new company, they are like in a state of curiosity and awe b/c it’s completely obvious that I’m very different compared to any being on earth. I do not think I’m better or anything b/c that’s not what I’m saying. Honestly, it’s hard being me. I wish I had the capabilities to not care about the next persons feelings or life. I have a backbone. I just can’t stand what runs thru me the moment I put myself as better.

I will malfunction if I told a complete stranger to go “F#*$ themselves” b/c you never know what that person went thru leading up to the moment. You could have had the power to push that guy over the ledge leading for him to sit in a hotel room sniping innocent bystanders OR had the power to deter them from that objective. One single moment may not seem as if it could matter to anyone, but an act of true love & genuine heart can change the world. Can stop catastrophic events from taking place around the world. Thoughts like that are why it’s hard to be me b/c I want to help. It’s in my nature and DNA to want to rid you of the lonely feeling that plagues the mind into turmoil. I say it a lot, but I’m the modern day Atlas.

Photo by Miltiadis Fragkidis on Unsplash

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