“Success”! Do you have everything you’ve ever wanted? Do you know what makes you happy? Can you write down a detailed list of your most treasured values? What do you really want in this life?

Most people consider themselves to be self-aware. Most believe they know what they value most, but few actually do. 14% of Americans say they have goals, 4% write their goals down and only 1% of Americans write their goals down and go over them every single day. Guess which 1% of Americans those are? The richest 1% of Americans in the country.

Think about it; we don’t need a time machine to see our futures. We do what we need to do today, in order to get what we want tomorrow. By doing this, we control our future. And we are the masters of our destiny.

It all starts with clarifying our values. Because before we can get what we want, first we have to know what in fact that actually is. So write down your values. Brainstorm. Explore yourself. Seek growth in all ways. Embrace the unknown, and NEVER run from your fears. In order to grow, we must change. And naturally we are afraid of change. So a big part of understanding success is understanding that we must learn to embrace our fear, so that we can embrace change and therefore grow into who we want to be.

Success is simpler than we think. First, we find what we desire to have (value). Second, we find out the info on what is required to achieve our value and make a plan with clear, concise and detailed goals on how to reach our desired state. Third, we fulfill our plan.

Write down your desired goal. Then, underneath it, write the main subset of goals required to accomplish it. After that for each sub goal, write down the subset of goals required to fulfill each new subgoal, each level will get wider forming the shape of the pyramid. I call this, “The Tree of Goals”. Your last of bottom row of sub-goals will have a list of requirements under each. The bottom row and list of requirements is “current time and place”. This is your first step and where you start.

When it is finished, you will have a detailed map of EXACTLY how to reach your desired goal (value). This system will work for anything, and will make anything possible. Leaving you “Limitless”. Remember anything is possible, no matter what there is always a set of information out there to reach your desired state. It just depends on how far you’re willing to go get it. The question that remains now, and the only barrier remaining between you and your desired state is; what do you really want?

Value, Plan, Action… and find out what you want, create a plan to get it, and do it. Decide your future! Be the Master of your Destiny. Become “Limitless”.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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