It's a joke

It’s a joke

Good morning.

To my minor humor, I have to keep it clean for this site.

I live in a max prison. I can’t fight and I get beat on a lot. So I hope you’re not expecting a male model. Really though, what you see is what you get.

When I was eight years old, I wanted to be like my Dad, so I drank beer like he did. He turned me in because I drank more beer than him. I was eight in (AA) classes. Who needs cookies and milk, right? For show and tell at school I brought a six pack of beer. I said, “This is the magic liquid that makes some people happy”. I got in trouble but my dad said, ” I wish I could have thought of that at eight  years old”. Smart kid!

Quote, in the world people don’t have perfect lives. I got chased by a very friendly dog. I tried to get away but the dog was fast for only having three legs. Or I was just slow. I acted like it didn’t hurt, but it hurt a lot. I said it was a big dog that bit me but it was a little dog. Ouch! I pressed charges on the dog and went into the witness protection program because the dog posted bail. Smart dog!

I didn’t go to court against the dog because I’d hate the world if someone neutered me. Ouch!

People say I look like Jesus as a joke. I do believe in the Creator. I do listen to all kinds of music. For the meantime this time is my Rock and Roll hair because I can’t get it cut how I want it in jail. Anyway, prisoners will say, will I die for their sins? I say “No”. I think Jesus was crazy for dieting for a bunch of people who don’t care about him. One good thing is they say Jesus was raised from the dead and lives on forever. So if Jesus is crazy, at least he can get an (SSI) check for the rest of his life. It’s a joke people.

One of my favorite songs is, “I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free”.

Question! What’s one thing that makes you happy? Your thought first! (My thumb snaps) I was hoping you’d say meeting me!

I am still trying to prove I’m innocent. I wish you the greatest happiness. The jokes aren’t true, but I hope you smiled. I hope to hear from you. Goodnight and take care. 

Image by Michaela, at home in Germany • Thank you very much for a like from Pixabay

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