Life Under Construction

Life under construction

My life is currently under construction, so I’ll advise you of the road closed ahead. Life can be rough and so hard. I’m sure you can all relate… somehow, someway.

Roadblocks in life happen when we least expect it, just like being here at this moment in life. I know we all go through hardships and, quite frankly, lately I’ve been in a constant state of renovation. The best is yet to come. The challenges of being here are insurmountable. Need I say more? This surrounding has changed me for the better,

The days drag but the months fly by. Personally, I’ve been drilling for changes in my life for quite some time now. Some changes are easy to accomplish, some changes are more difficult than others.

Accomplishments are the building blocks to my future success. Nonetheless, there are feats I can claim to have conquered. Our accomplishments define not only who we are, or what we can do, but also who we can become. 

Lately, I’ve been pushing the jackhammer on myself harder than usual. I’m taking class after class, and honestly, surprising myself with my own success, chipping away at the concrete little by little until finally seeing a ray of light coming through.

I can finally see a worthwhile end to this long tunnel and boy does the view look nice! It’s a great opportunity to just stare into the distance and know where I’m headed. 

I know I have goals and objectives that will get me to reaching those goals.

Unfortunately, life under construction is a cruel mistress. No warning signs, no yield signs or stop ahead. Pleasing one moment and unspeakably mean-spirited the next. I’ve walked (and sometimes ran) the rocky road of friendships in life, and within these walls some strolls have been downhill walks, others uphill the entire trek. I cannot say that I have walked away unwounded, but as they say, “Life is the best teacher, you live and you learn.”

My life is an ongoing maze of constant construction. I’m always looking up, making sure that the oncoming traffic is using their blinkers to veer left or right, so I can steer clear and avoid an accident. However, I’m so grateful for the chiseling, drilling, sanding, and operation of heavy equipment that has allowed me to build character, persevere and smooth out the rough edges.

Perhaps life should come with an instruction manual or at the very least a hard hat to deal with the unexpected debris that comes my way. 

“One day at a time”, they say, and soon they all come together in time. After all, time is all we really have. This construction is coming together nicely if I do say so myself.

Photo by Nicolas J Leclercq on Unsplash

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  1. To be honest, I actually how no idea how I ended up on this website. I am a division 1 wrestler. I’m going into my 3rd year at college. I’m looking to gain a starting position this year and my journey to do so has looked a lot like your blog describes. I will never meet you but I felt a tug on my heart to tell you keep going. I am putting a wrong email in just because there is no need for us to be in contact. I want to end this conversation with me telling you that I believe in you.

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