side effects of politics

What about the side effects of politics?

Everyone knows that when it comes to politics, whether someone is a Republican or Democrat, they both have been known to lie in order to rack up more votes. Whereas had citizens been more informed or investigative minded they would have known that the message they were hearing wasn’t entirely true. Which probably would’ve resulted in them not voting for that particular candidate.

Politicians often campaign on telling citizens about all the positives they want you to hear, but… what about the side effects of politics that politicians oftentimes leave out of their speeches, that once voted into office usually ends up hurting those same communities who voted for them. Leaving them in a more volatile situation than what they were before.

With the “Define the Police” rhetoric most politicians seem to propagate with a straight face, but what they don’t tell the people is they have their own personal security staff. Politicians don’t tell the people about the negative side of refunding the police and why? Because getting your vote is all that matters to them. Politicians don’t tell the citizens that de-funding the police will increase the likelihood of more people being robbed or assaulted on the streets of America. Those same politicians aren’t going to tell the district they represent how much more “unsafe” they will be as a result of defunding the police.

So, the next time you vote, make sure to ask your candidate about the side effects of his/her politics, but not to hold your breath waiting for a response. And always remember never to vote for anyone because of their political affiliation, which is inconsequential, but instead on their side effects of politics.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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