Is astrology real?

Is astrology real?

Is astrology real? In “Love Match: An Astrological Guide to Love & Dating”, Stella Andromeda wrote, it “can add insight and excitement, helping us work out how to appreciate our partner, and how to be sure that they appreciate us. That’s when the wisdom of the stars is your ally & friend”. After reading here’s what astrology says about matches between a Gemini like me and some of the other signs. 

Gemini & Aries — Gemini’s air gives oxygen to Aries’s fire and this is a free spirited, but hot blooded combo that relies on friendship as much as love. As long as Aries’ decisiveness doesn’t feel restricted to Gemini this can be a successful pairing. 

Gemini & Libra — Intellectually these two create a lovely harmony. They’re mostly in agreement and share a taste for travel & entertainment. Well matched sexually, there is a tolerance and ease that suits them both. 

Gemini & Capricorn — The promise of order holds some attraction and this influence can be good for Gemini. While Capricorns somber side can be lightened in return, but it takes patience & trust for them to balance each other out. 

Gemini & Aquarius — Because both share an airy, innovative approach and an inclination to unpredictability this can be an easy combination with an affection & appreciation that can forge a happy and enduring bond. 

Maybe you’re one of these signs? Or not?? But either way I’d love to hear what you think about astrology, so send me a message.

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