We Get Better With Time

We Get Better With Time

Blessings to anyone who is reading dis. If the good Lord sees it fit I will be out dis time next year. I just feel like it is my time for my NOVA to shine, that is a bright star that lights up when it gets hot.

In life people say do dis, do that, while you’re young. Now if that was the case God will have a set time on your life. You got to believe I believe it is my time to shine. My time to be the Best Father. My time to keep the Lord first. My time to find that woman who loves me for Me and Express herself and marry her. My time to have two cars. My time to shine.

My time to Live my Best Life. My time to Move forward in life. You got to believe and stay Prayed up. The Lord still got you and me still, here to help to win when it was not my time but it’s my time Now.

For the Lord Be with My Cup will overflow. Please keep me in Y’all Prayers. 4.14.23 my time to shine.

Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

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