True Colors

True Colors

According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, the word arrogant means full of unwarranted pride and self-importance. Where does this come from? Where do people get the idea that they are better than someone else? I ask myself if I come off as arrogant and my answer no. There are times when I wrestle with my pride, however, it is never unwarranted. Also, I think of my own self-importance.

I want to feel important, but I don’t need to feel important. I also don’t put others down to make myself feel better about myself. In my limited view of the world, there is a wide margin between arrogant and humble. For one that is arrogant, the road to become humble is a long road with many obstacles. How does one go from being humble to become arrogant? This question baffles me. Or maybe the person I thought was humble was only wearing a mask. After time, the humble mask stopped being worn and the true arrogant face was revealed. Is this what “true colors” refers to? Seeing one as they are with no mask.

As it turned out, this person wasn’t who they pretended to be. Their true colors eventually came from behind the mask. So, I have to ask, what mask do we find ourselves wearing? Are we even aware that we may be wearing masks? When we look in the mirror, do we in fact see our true colors? If so, do we like what we see? Reach out to me and let’s keep the conversation going.

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  1. Hi. Love this blog. Love how you’re searching deeper within yourself. As a Christian and a recovering addict, we are to take self-inventory constantly. I have worn many masks and sometimes I catch myself putting them back on. I suffer with PTSD also so to cover up my true emotions in a moment where I’m triggered, I get angry. It’s always been a cover up for the anxiety and fear. As a woman, instead of saying what I truly am feeling at the moment I cover it up with anger and frustration. I guess that’s my way of keeping my walls up because many times my feeling were ignored and treated as not valid. So, I keep my true emotions to myself. Therefore, I put on my mask. I feel ya in the arrogant and humble issue. I believe we all can be arrogant/prideful at times. In this society we live in to be humble is a weakness. As a follower Jesus I am called to be humble. It’s a position of the heart. Constantly making sure our heart is in the right position to receive God’s instruction, discipline and correction ( hear his voice)

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