Right now it’s 4 in the morning and I’m laying here meditating and marinating getting my mind right for today’s set of challenges and obstacles and wanted to send some Positive and Powerful Vibes and Energy out into the World.I am so Focused on getting Released from prison and starting the next Chapter of My Life and just Creating Opportunities and Moments to Connect wit People in a way that Impacts and Influences our Lives in an Inspirational and Motivational way because it seems from my vantage point there is so much madness,misery,sadness,chaos and controversy in the world and I will be the flip side of those coins.

The Joy,The Peace,The Happiness,The Tranquility, The Calm because I Know and Feel there will be times of difficulty, heartbreak and heartache but All can be Overcome with the Right Amount of Faith,Effort and Willpower.

I Trust and Believe that We All have the Ability to Rise & $hine no matter the time,day,place or situation and I Know and Feel if I’m able to navigate thru this inhumane environment than anywhere on that side of the fence I’ll be more than o.k because I have Well Thought Out Plans and Blueprints for $UCCE$$ on every level.

I Know and Feel the Youth needs to be Encouraged,Mentored and $upported on a Constant and Consistent basis because they truly are the Future and Next Generation of Everything so the Necessary $eeds of Greatness & Excellence have to be Planted, Cultivated and Nurtured and the rest will speak for itself.

I’m Blessed & Highly Favored and i’m Eternally Thankful & Grateful for the Championship Team that I have in my life because Unconditional and Intentional Love,Care,$upport & Affection will always Empower & Enrich the Mind,Body,$oul,Heart & $pirit no matter the time, day,place or situation. I’m always Open-Minded and Optimistic when it comes to Life and I don’t have a Complex when it comes to Expressing Myself because we All our Vulnerable when it comes to Mastering the Art of Living on Every Level.

I Appreciate,Respect & $alute Any and Every Platform that allows Me to be Me and send Positive, Powerful & Profound Vibes & Energies into the world from this position because it has the potential to change $omebody’s life for the better and add some Extraordinary Hope to the equation.

I Love Learning,I Love Teaching, I Love Growing, I Love Building, I Love Connecting, I Love Elevating and I Love Evolving so if Anything I’ve Expressed Triggered,$timulated or Activated Anything in You then Do $omething about it more $ooner than Later and we’ll Build from there no matter the Age,Race,Nationality, Creed,Religion because I don’t Discriminate when it comes to Growth & Development for the Greater Good so $tay Focused,Patient,$trong and on yo Grind.
Respectfully Real & Raw Mark

Photo by Naveen Chandra on Unsplash

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  1. Wow! Love your positive outlook. Just don’t lose that when you get out. It can sometimes be tough and the temptation to fall back into old ways is why so many go back. Keep pushing. Jesus pulled me off the streets and out of addiction 3 yrs. 7 months ago. He has now opened many doors for me to write people who are in jails and prison and share my testimony and inspire others. We ALL deserve grace, mercy and a second chance to have a new life, joy and peace. So glad you have a great group of positive people that surrounds you and encourages you. Your blessed. may God bless you and keep you.

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