timeline is open

timeline is open

My timeline is open, but that doesn’t mean that I will spend my time with just anybody. I’m more of a toy they stopped producing for breaking the mold. With so many gadgets and gizmos now available I remember playing with dirt. I’m about to forget what the world created and focus on what’s important in my life. 

It’s more of a sad story because I haven’t been able to have my picture taken in years. As I look back in my life, there’s an area where I would go to and picture myself in the future. This place was one of many where they all had a little area just for me. I can dumb myself down to where it can be funny and wonder if the place is each other & me. The places I’m talking about are in the city of “Corona”. “Cherish our past and plans for the future.” My area is just a memory now and would like to know how it got in the ends of BLACKPINK.

Photo by Bhawana priyadarshini on Unsplash

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