I remember participating in head start.

I didn’t know with which hand to use scissors in Kindergarten.

I knew that I had the capability to make it all the way to the six grade in first grade.

I just didn’t know how to communicate using the English language in second grade

I began picking up words in English and presented in oil painting at the library in third grade.

I was getting along with all my peers speaking both English and Spanish in fourth grade.

I found out that I would have to be in school all the way to 12th grade in fifth grade.

I was part of a select few to attend middle school during sixth grade.

I am the most improved student certificate catapults me into advanced placement in seventh grade.

I had a field trip with my class to where we would be attending high school in eighth grade.

I became a freshman in Santiago High school graduating will become a priority in ninth grade.

I attended summer school for the second time in a row as a sophomore in 10th grade.

I couldn’t be happier with all my credits that I had accumulated during my junior year in 11th grade. I had early dismissal, King high school had what I needed to finally graduate as a senior in 12th grade. Are used to work at Del taco, part time with a student work permit, to full-time out of school. I went from customer service to general labor in the industrial workforce.

I completed my temporary to hire contract and became an employee for accent plastics. I gain access to the little green studio where I was able to express myself.I got unemployed and started receiving unemployment benefits, as a civilian I knew that my time on the streets was up.

I now know that I’m here where I thought I’d be looking for love.

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