This side of the fence

This side of the fence

Exercising & Executing Greatness & Black Excellence on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and lifely basis no matter the time,day, place or situation. It’s truly never about where you are and truly about who you are. Most people take shots at people on this side of the fence and try to paint a picture that it’s impossible for them to paint because they don’t have a clue or idea what it’s like on any level on this side of the fence.

There are Extraordinary & Dynamic people all over the world and it takes one to know one, to feel one, to compliment one and to complete one. I feel relationships should be built from the inside out meaning mental and spiritual connection should be primary and secondary and then the physical can be added wit that.

If you have a strong and solid mental and spiritual connection with somebody you can be 10,000 miles physically apart but yet & still feel so appreciated, so respected, so close,so safe & so secure and when y’all meet in the flesh it’s gon be a powerful,pleasurable and profound moment.

The world is being programmed and conditioned to not care and show disrespect in a variety of ways which is truly detrimental to our well being on every level.

If you have the opportunity to connect wit somebody that inspires you and motivates you I would advise you to push all fear, worry and doubt to the side and create and share wit that person what it is that has piqued your interest and stimulated a part of your inner being and build off that so I’ll pump my brakes for now so stay focused, patient, open-minded, optimistic, hopeful, prayed up and faith filled and all will be well and once you master the art of difficulty you will be able to master the art of living.

Image by Yves Bernardi from Pixabay

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