Guilty No Matter What

Guilty No Matter What

This is the everyday practice of most max security adjustment committee/hearing boards for disciplinary tickets in the Illinois Department of Corruption. The members of the Adjustment Committee are normally made up of a Lieutenant and a minority corrections officer. Who is nine times outta ten related to friends with or a relationship with other security staff at that facility. So they have this code of unity.

The members of the adjustment committee will almost always find the individual in custody guilty of an offense. Even if/when the individual has exonerating evidence. The adjustment committee members refuse to go against their co-workers in fear of something serious like a riot happening. In which they’re depending on those same co-workers to save them, in the event that they’re being attacked/their life is in danger. They feel their co-workers will look at the situation like “Why would I help you and you took a convict’s word over mine?”

Which leaves the individual in custody to face a biased and unfair adjustment committee… But we’re the criminals that have been exiled from society.

BIld av Gerd Altmann från Pixabay

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