This life

This life

Hi again everyone. I wanted to give a brief update on my daily activities and interests at the moment. I had a down week. But I’m back to daily workouts. I am in rehabilitative classes. I go to the computer lab and use the software available to teach myself coding.

Besides that I spend almost all my time on making cards, handkerchiefs and hats. I draw on the first two and embroider the third. Then sell them all for extra income. It’s slow money and takes a lot of time & work, but it’s productive and keeps me out of trouble.

I’m doing my best to keep out of drama, fights or illegal activities, so I am able to continue my studies in the computer lab and maybe build myself a good career opportunity for the future.

I live in a large warehouse type building with 148 bunks in it. So privacy is almost impossible to find. I am only able to read at night because of my ADHD. So during the day I put in my headphones and time out the world.

My bunky is a young kid. In reality he is only 4 years younger than me, but I’ve done a lot of time, so I have learned my lessons and calmed down a bit this round. I’m tired of this life. I feel 70 years old. I’ve been using for 18 years, besides my time inside. I’ve been dealing for 12 years… This life isn’t fun anymore. I’ll have over 10 years incarcerated by 30 years old. I just want peace, happiness and success now. I want to be a good dad, husband, friend and son.

I guess I’ll sign off for now. But I’ll be updating my profile with original poems and art hopefully soon. So stay tuned for more in the life of Jamie. Remember to pay it forward!

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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