Life serious

Life ….Smh…so serious

Life …..smh. like should we take it , so serious. Most people don’t even pay attention . Involving the world in introverted ways. At times shit not even hesitate,diff,and its getting raw. I guess society is coming to a full circle again. Looking back at the 70’s groovy, 80’s party, 90’s violence,00’s trap,2010’s grief, 2020’s No judgement/No care….
life ….smh. Should we take it so seriously?

The depths of knowing when to turn . Risking self ,with choices of the unknowing answer. Knowing that everything goes as planned. Now when you inform yourself with the right information . It becomes clear that’s all you are missing . Is a seed planting its mark. Allowing the roots to dig and for its calling to expand engulfing the mind of needing more.
life ….smh …so serious.

No, it’s becoming serious. The help of are woman is the only change to the struggle. The action is honest of self to wanting more not for her only , but the foundation of a full circle.
That’s why challenges need to be placed. The earning of one’s company . The earning of one’s respect. The earning of one self.

Life ….Smh…seriously…

Author:The Painter KeithBond,Jr#537103

Photo by Burcu on Unsplash

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