Therapy and Paxil

Therapy and Paxil

I don’t believe in god.

My happiness, my well-being, will never be left up to an entity that I have to have blind faith in. I’d rather put my faith into something more concrete…

like therapy and paxil.

I do, however, respect all faiths and belief systems. Of course, this respect comes with caveats: said faith/belief system has to be practiced in a morally sound fashion, is not being used to infringe upon other’s beliefs/lives, and, very importantly, is not being forced into every single conversation.

I know, I know, that’s asking a lot from today’s cult…I mean, religious sector. Whatever!

Either way, outside of therapy and paxil, I do have my own faith and belief system. My world revolves around the perfectly imperfect humans I choose to be part of my circle and who have accepted me into their own. I don’t have to have blind faith in these people, nor do I have to wonder if they are listening to me or if I can trust them.


Much more than can be said for any religion.

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