The crown of God's creation

The crown of God’s creation

Speaking Life or Death into any given situation or moment we find ourselves in. This is encompassed by a major underlying factor, consisting of a frame of mind that either seeks to gratify self, or seeks the best interest of those around along with their own. This self seeking nature is not singular/unique, it’s found in every person we encounter. For we all desire satisfaction out of the interactions we entertain. The question, rather, is “what is your agenda?”

Personally, l’ve learned to no longer walk in my own footsteps, it was a moot endeavor which took me nowhere worth my effort. Meaning, l’ve learned to see beyond myself, to see those around me as individuals (who like myself), are at their core desiring to be respected, admired and of course loved. l’m able now to become aware of the better interest of those around me, and more importantly allow said awareness to influence my decision making process.

The literal difference can be minor, yet no less impact full by its diminished nature, many times someone only needs to be heard or seen for their value to be self recognized. To be reminded they are important and worth loving. Thus, it is a higher calling to speak life into the day, a day destined/designed for us to grow and rejoice in. This is our “fundamental responsibility” as the crown of God’s creation, of which we all are. Peace and Blessings, from a place of True Love

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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