Some Holiday Joy

Some Holiday Joy

This season is winter which makes it cold. The holidays make it lonely if there’s no one to hold. When you put them together it makes a man in my current position cold and lonely.

So think of me and send some joy my way,to brighten up my life by wrapping your warm caring arms around me to rid me of the holiday pressure of loneliness.

That your loving joy may melt the winter snow away and bring in a very Happy NewYear full of sunshine from a special Malkia(queen) who has a heart that cares to spread a little loving joy in some ones life who’s held hostage behind these prison bars to ensure the new year will be filled with happiness.

Everyone needs and wants a friend in this predicament. Now reach out and touch my hand to make my world so much better if you can. or you can send your number# snail mail and i can text or call you at my expense.

Happy Holidays and have a better New Year.

Written By:Joe Sultan Champ



Photo by Tetiana Shadrina on Unsplash

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